About Arun Swamy

About 40 years ago from a place in kerala called Palakkad, Shri. Arun Guru Swami moved to Sanath Nagar Hyderabad and devoted his time and time and energy in serving people and Swamy Ayyapa. Shri. Arun Guruswamy has been taking Ayyappa Maala for more than 35 years. Around 4000+ people take Ayyappa Deeksha under his guidance. He has been instrumental in construction, maintenance and upkeep of one of the famous Ayyappa Temples in Hyderabad – Sanatnagar Ayyappa Temple.

Sri. Arun Guru Swamy is the General Secretary to Telangana & Andhra Pradesh Akhila Bharata Ayyappa Seva Sangham. Under his divine guidance innumerous Ayyappa followers do yeomen services in and around Hyderabad during and after Ayyappa Deeksha.

Sri. Arun Guru Swamy is one of the important Guru Swamy across India who visits Sabarimala almost every month. So far he has visited Sabarimala more than 500 times. He participates in all main poojas in Sabarimala.

Sri. Arun Guru Swamy emphasizes on selfless service to mankind. Every year, he serves all the devotees equally without concerning about their economic status. He has been helping many poor devotees to practice Ayyappa Deeksha without any difficulty. He has been extending his services and also encouraging his followers to help the needy.

During the period of Karthika Masam or Mandala Masam, Shri. Guru Swamy conducts Padi Puja. He gives guidelines to all the devotees during their visit and stay in Shabarimala. Shri. Arun Guru Swamy has donated Rice and other food grains for famous Makara Villakku at Sabarimala. Even at the age of 60+ years, he does Vanayatra actively with all other young Ayyappa devotees every year.

As an ardent follower of Ayyappa and as a divine traveler, Shri. Arun Guru Swamy has done Manasa Sarovaram Yatra for 4 times. He has visited famous Vishnodevi Temple many times along with his disciples. He also visited other famous temples such as Mukambika temple. He gets blessings from the auspicious Makara Jyothi every year.

Guru Swamy guides about the health and travel during the visit of Shabarimala. In Shabarimala, at Pamba he serves devotees with sacred offering of food.

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